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Fergus has established Champions Competitions to provide people with the opportunity to win fantastic football prizes at a fraction of their retail value. Fergus’ passion for football and the signed memorabilia is close to his heart

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After seeing my lifelong best friend win a car from a well-known competition company, I knew I wanted something to do with this industry. He got into these competitions through his love of cars, which gave me the idea to do this.

I’ve loved football throughout my whole life and now I’ve got an opportunity to do something that I’ll never cease to enjoy and to build something. I attended university in central London and studied Business, sitting final exams and graduating during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, I started to think about something like this, and I personally missed football the absolute most, I’m sure many people reading this can relate.

began collecting signatures in my teenage years and progressed onto authenticated signed rare memorabilia of different football stars and teams. I’ve started this venture with my father, who is also a huge football fan.

I plan to provide my customers the best prizes at fair prices and realistic odds, and of course, all pieces sourced from approved, regulated and reputable suppliers and retailers.

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Contact Champion Competitions

At Champions Competitions, we aim to be fully transparent;
feel free to contact us if you have any questions;
please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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